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In the early 1970's two gentlemen, both named Dick, started a Kawasaki motorcycle dealership at this location. They named the business D & D Kawasaki. They operated the business successfully for a few years. The entire operation; sales, parts and service; was conducted in the area that is now one of our two showrooms. For years afterwards the business underwent numerous changes in owners; all of whom experienced little success. In 1993, the current owners took over and have maintained a viable business to this day. Business is conducted in two buildings: the main store at 437 Palora Avenue and a second showroom, just across the parking lot, at the corner of Palora Avenue and Franklin Road. The main store is always staffed and open during our regular hours. The other building may be locked at times, but can be opened whenever needed. Just make a request to any staff person at the main store.

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